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The History Of us

Mr Waseem started Nawab Biryani as a side venture, he was fairly cultivated in the regime of food and wanted to put his knowledge to good use. Thus, Nawab Biryani was opened to the world on 17th March 2019, the main purpose that Nawab Biryani serves is to brew happy customers who can’t get enough of the food! And up till now we have been quite successful in that struggle.
In the future Mr. Waseem plans to expand his venture of Nawab Biriyani by opening branches all over Lahore and introducing many new products.

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What makes us unique?

This is our secret

Extreme attention is paid to hygiene while the food is prepared, our top priority will always remain a healthy and clean environment for the chef.
We discovered the recipe for our much desired Palao and Biryani after a lot of experimentation, hence the taste is a perfect balance of spices and will guarantee you wanting more.
Another thing which sets us a part from most restaurants is we care about our customers enough as to make eating at Nawab Biryani affordable for all! All our menu items are highly economical and planned to remain so.
So to enjoy the best biryani/ pulao in lahore come dine in and Nawab Biriyani or take advantage of our delivery services.



At Nawab Biriyani offer excellent service and try to make your time and Nawab Biryani one to remember.
Your food biryani/palao/kheer will be served in less than ten minutes of order placement. The help will be moving about waiting to cater to your every need, and your to-gos will be handled with extreme


Customer is always right!

Our motto at Nawab Biryani is that the customer is always right! And we aim to please. Your feedback will always be appreciated and encouraged, all your needs will be tended to.

Our loyal

Here at Nawab Biryani, for our loyal customers, we will have special deals and discounts, hopefully, which will get you to keep coming back. You care about us, we care about you.


The rumours are true, we cater to you! From weddings, engagement parties to birthdays Nawab Biriyani aim to help and please. Just give us a call and we will cater anything and everything you have planned.
Special products are offered and customized just for catering. So call at Nawab Biriyani today for the best biryani/pulao/sweet rice/kheer in town.

Special event

As an emerging local brand, we like to branch out as much as possible especially when it comes to serving our youth. In the past Nawab Biriyani has taken a part in a lot of University held events.
Like concrete in LUMS, COMSATS etc


Best biryani in lahore Our motto at Nawab Biryani is that the customer is always right! And we aim to please. Your feedback will always be appreciated and encouraged, all your needs will be tended to.

How to get to us


We only accept reservation before 17:00 Tables held for 30 minutes only from reservation time.

Dress code applies : Smart Casual, no singlets, flips flops, sport shorts. Reservations are required

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Saddiq Plaza Shop #7 Near Aga khan Laboratory Main Boulevard Defence Lahore
Lahore, Pakistan



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Sunday09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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